Top Five Summer Destinations in Florida for Budget-Constrained Travelers  

by Pool Builders on 03-20-2011 in Articles

People would often think of Florida as one of the most famous travel destinations in the world, especially during summer because of the numerous attraction sites it seizes ranging from the beautiful beaches, unique and interesting seasonal events and exhilarating theme parks and rides. Beyond all these are the wide variety of accommodation options ranging from hotels, suites and inns and the highly-regarded vacation homes surrounding the places nearby the famous tourist attraction sites. These are just a few reasons as to why a lot of travelers would opt to head towards Florida to spend a quality vacation, alone or with families and friends.

However, there is one thing that travelers much consider prior to heading to Florida for a vacation - the budget requirement. While it is true that Florida has a lot of beautiful places, bequeathing each traveler a very satisfying vacation experience, not all of these offers come at lower costs. But this is not really a problem, though. If you are concerned on your budget cost, then you may opt for the alternative summer destinations in Florida that would cost you less, as listed below.

1. Wekiwa Springs State Park - Contained within the 7000-acre state park is the inviting spring, offering a one-of-a-kind adventure experience to every guest. As a nature-owned spring, Wekiwa bestows you with lots of fun and cool water activities to enjoy. It is situated in the Seminole and Orange Counties borders. They have a canoe for rent, allowing you to paddle down the beautiful Wekiwa River. And you have nothing to worry about your safety because you are certainly safe.

2. East Coast Beaches - This is a perfect spot during summer. A lot of exciting activities await you in the East Coast beaches including swimming, of course. You too can drive the beach if you want to. All you have to do prior to enjoying all is to pay a $5 fee for parking. Else you can park somewhere within the free parking spaces nearby the beach. Adding up to your fun and cool summer experience at the east coast beaches is the guaranteed well-maintained clean place.

3. Blue Springs State Park - You can reach here by driving a few minutes from Orlando. The Blue Springs state park is exactly located in Orange County. The park features the must-see West Indian Manatee, since Blue Springs is the winter home of this sea-creature. Aside from seeing face-to-face with the manatee, you can also try scuba diving or else you can go for a tour boat. If not, you can just spend some time relaxing in a 73-degree spring water to give you a soothing feeling this summer.

4. Turkey Lake Park - This Park is very visible from the Universal Studios location, exactly located in Hiawassee Road. It features boat rentals for those who want to set sail into the abyss of the silent lake. If you want to go swimming then you can take a plunge on any of the park swimming pools. To those who seek more adventure, the park also offers nature trails and the outdoor grills are also available to cater food service to the hungry guests.

5. Rock Springs State Park - This is the park that obtains the most number of visits in Orlando city. The fresh water spring is famous for tubing activities, luring millions of travelers seeking for adventures. Rock Springs state park is also deemed a perfect park for family travelers with its beautiful lagoons and pools perfectly offered to offer a family-friendly ambiance.

While the abovementioned sites are deemed as low cost summer destinations in Florida, the experience these places offer to every vacationer also levels with the offers of the high-cost spots. And you can make it even a very remarkable summer vacation experience if you want to. It is all up to you, though.

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