Top Four Coolest In Ground Swimming Pool Games

by Pool Builders on 08-25-2010 in Articles

Who said you can never enjoy your pool this winter season? Well, you can still enjoy and have fun dipping in your in ground swimming pools. All you have to do is to think of the creative ideas which you can use to come up with the coolest in ground pool games.

Winter season is the time when pool owners do pool closing. This is because swimming is not that advisable because of the cold weather. But this thing should not stop you for doing exciting things with your family and friends. To make your winter season extra fun and exciting here is the list of the top four coolest in ground swimming pool games:

1. Atomic Whirlpool

Allow the participants to get inside the pool. Everyone should line up in a straight line along the edge of the swimming with a little space between each participant. Instruct them to walk for a couple of minutes. After that, let them jog for a couple of minutes and another minute to run afterwards. Doing so will allow the water carry them around the pool. And lastly, tell them to go around and turn to the other side. The challenge of this game is to be able to go against the current of the pool water without going out of the line with the other participants.

2. Pool Volleyball

Divide the group into two groups. Each group should have at least 5 members. Install volleyball net across center portion of the pool. Play a normal volleyball but this time using a beach ball. Each group should hit the ball as many times as possible to be able to win.

3. Tug-Pool-War

This is the pool version of tug-of-war. All you need is a rope (with a length that fits the size of your pool) with a tag attached at the middle part. Divide the group into two (make sure both groups has the same numbers of participants). The objective of the game is to be the first group to get the tag by pulling the rope.

4. Water Frisbee

This game is played in in ground swimming pools with as many participants as possible. What you need is a Frisbee and two baskets for the goals.

Divide the participants into two groups, one group for defend and the other group for goal. Toss a coin to know which will go first. Assign one person to position outside the pool to retrieve the Frisbee.

To start the game a member from the goal side will throw the Frisbee from outside the pool to one of his/her teammates inside the pool. The thrower can now join his/her team inside the pool. Once someone catches the Frisbee, he or she has to hold it like a waiter. Swimming is not allowed. He or she only needs to walk toward the basket where the Frisbee should be put. While walking toward the basket, the Frisbee holder can pass it to the other members who are much closer to the basket. Once the Frisbee has got into the basket, it is now the turn if the next team.

Winter season should not hinder you from enjoying your time in your in ground swimming pools. Doing this suggested pool games will remove all your boredom during the cold season. But always remember to keep safe while having fun.

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