Top Reasons To Buy An Above Ground Pool

by Pool Builders on 05-31-2011 in Articles

Well if you are looking at buying a swimming pool you have two choices - in ground, or above ground. One costs a lot, one costs a little. The choice is yours.

But when making your decision you should look at how long you are planning on living in your current house, if you are looking at staying in it for five years or more then it may be best to opt for an in ground swimming pool, yet if you think you might be moving in a shorter time period than this, then maybe it is time to consider the ever more popular option of buying an above ground swimming pool?

Above ground swimming pools feature some massive benefits compared to in ground swimming pools, not least of which is the amount they cost to construct!

On a comparable basis they can also be less expensive to run, with one of the key reasons for this being the ease of access to the items that need regular maintenance such as the water filters and water heaters, no more having to struggle around a small pump room to change a water filter or remove and replace a broken water heater, as with an above ground pool all of these items are far more easy to access.

This is particularly important if you are employing a professional pool cleaner as the longer they take to access the water filters (Which will need swapping over weekly) then the more they will end up charging you. Yet if they can access them easily then the amount they charge you each week will be less.

However the main reason to buy an above ground swimming pool is that you do not have to dig a huge hole in your garden! Make no mistake an in ground pool is there for good, as you cannot just move it when you move house!

Also if you live in a climate where your pool may freeze over in Winter then an above ground pool maybe of benefit in that it can be disassembled easily and taken indoors for Winter storage.

The main reason to buy an above ground pool however has to be cost, any which way that you look at it an above ground pool costs a fraction of the cost of an in ground swimming pool.

The other factor to take into account is that an above ground pool can be assembled in less than a day yet an in ground pool can take up to six weeks to build.

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