Top Reasons for Choosing Coral Stone for Pool Decking  

by Pool Builders on 10-16-2013 in Articles

Coral stone is one of the best materials to use for pool decking due to a number of reasons. When you use most decking materials, you have to make a compromise. This means deciding whether to choose functionality or beauty. This can be hard since most people would like to enjoy both. However, with coral, you do not have to make this difficult choice. This is because coral stone offers both and you can enjoy the functionality as well as the aesthetics. Simply using coral can help transform a drab looking pool area into a sophisticated beautiful place.

Coral stone is not slippery like most tiles used to pave. This makes it especially useful for use around swimming pools since there are always water spills. When your deck has been done in coral, you can walk around the pool with ease and there is no risk of skidding. Having a non slip deck is only possible with coral and is the dream of every pool owner. The stones are cut into tiles and used to line the swimming pool area.

Coral stones are used to pave decks on pools while still in their natural form. This creates an exceptionally beautiful look since the area looks more rustic. The tiles are cut out specifically to bring out the beautiful natural patterns on the stones. This is a great idea for those who want to have luxury pools that do not have the normal tiles seen on every other pool. It is also an excellent choice when you do not want to confine yourself to a particular color.

Low heat retention is another reason why you should go with coral for your deck. Due to the neutral color of the stones, they reflect sunlight. This helps prevent over heating of the deck as is normally seen with other types of stones. This can make walking on the deck almost unbearable on a sunny day. Therefore, coral is the best since it allows you to walk even barefoot around your pool the whole day. Whatever the season, you do not have to worry about your feet getting burnt by the hot stones.

Another reason why you should get coral for your pool deck is because it is versatile. Coral has neutral tones that will work well with any outdoor theme you are going for. You are free to choose the size of the tiles of the coral to be used on your deck. You can also vary the patterns so that you have something truly unique and to your taste.

Therefore, there are so many reasons why you should use coral stones for your interiors. This is also a sure way to increase the value of your home. When you decide to sell it, you are bound to get high bids and proper return of your investment. In addition, it is easy to include furniture to your poolside area since coral works with all kinds of theme. You can decide to go with contemporary or traditional outdoor furniture. Whatever you choose will still work with coral stones.

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