Top Seven designers women swim-wear:  

by Pool Builders on 12-13-2010 in Articles

In order to look at their best at the beach or at the swimming pool, some women prefer to choose designer swimwear. There are several designer brands, both for women who love to lie down and relax while tanning and for the active women.

ViX swimwear: It has a price which is within your range, fits well on the women body and is best suited to the athletic women and teenagers. Due to excellent fabric colors do not fade and last longer.

Salinas Swimwear: These swimsuits are distributed by Marpessa. These swimsuits are typically of Brazilian style and are made up of high quality Lycra material. These are available in most departmental stores and come with wide range of prints and styles.

Aquaclara swimwear: This swimwear has special hand painting techniques, hand embroidery, unique accessories, various motifs patterns, which can include several silver applications or gold coatings.

AXM women's swimwear: These swim wear enhance the femininity and give women a romantic look. Luxurious fabric and tantalizing details with jewel toned colors are used in this designer swimwear.

Masquenada swimwear: It provides endless movement to the women. It is designed for the women who are fashion conscious and are free from any social schema. This swim wear is made on the concept of freedom of movement and targets middle high market. It comes with fabulous accessories such as pendants, sandals and pareos.

Pinel swimwear: These swim wears are popular for their elegance, sophistication and femininity. Pinel swimwear made a great market in the U.S because of its new textures, colors and innovative designs.

Vitamin A Swimwear: Last but not the least; it comes with the fabulous range of swimsuits, blending sexy and sleek with elegance and functionality. It seems as if it is the hot favorite of some models and celebrities as Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Anniston are often seen wearing it.

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