Top Summer Pool Tips  

by Pool Builders on 11-18-2012 in Articles

As summer heats up it is important to ensure that your pool is ready so that you can have a safe and enjoyable time. Here are 7 great tips to preparing and maintaining your pool for summer.

Top Pool Maintenance Tips

1) Ensure your pool water is healthy and safe by ensuring it is chemically balanced. Take a sample of your pool water to a professional who will check the water for pH alkalinity and chlorine levels. Once you have this reading you will be able to decide the type of pool chemicals you need and how much. There are a range of pool chemicals available to suit all types of pool. Check with your pool supplier to determine the exact chemical balance you need to maintain.

2) Ensure you have current resuscitation skills. These can literally save a life and are skills that you can take with you for your entire life. To learn resuscitation skills, first aid or lifesaving skills, contact the Australian Lifesaving Academy..

3) Conduct a thorough check of your pool fence to ensure it is in good repair, the gate locks automatically and there are no plants, chairs or tables around that children could use as footholds. Make sure your pool enclosure has a secure fence in good repair and the gate self-closes when opened. Keeping a secure perimeter fence and gate system in place is one of the most critical elements in pool safety.

4) Ensure the water level in your pool is half way up the skimmer box. If the water level is too high the skimming action won't occur. Regularly clean the pump and skimmer baskets to maintain a clean pool.

5) Brush the walls, steps and swim outs. Use a preventative long life algaecide. Algae is a major problem for pool health and needs to be properly controlled and maintained. Keeping vegetation and animals away from the pool is a good start, in conjunction with thorough cleaning with appropriate algaecides. If you think you have an Algae problem speak to your Pool Professional for advice on the correct treatment.

6) Backwash the sand filter or clean the cartridge(s) in your cartridge filter. Increase the filtration time, if necessary. Your goal should be to turn-over the water completely in a day.

7) Check your salt chlorinator cell for calcium deposits and ensure it is operating correctly.

Following these pool care tips will go a long way towards ensuring that your summer pool experience is a clean and safe one for you and your family and friends.

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