Top Ten Reasons to Invest in a Weekly Pool Service This Summer  

by Pool Builders on 04-07-2013 in Articles

Summer is quickly approaching. Is your pool ready? It's time to consider a Pool Cleaning Service Spring TX. Here are the top ten reasons to invest in a weekly pool service.

The pool stays clean

It's an obvious reason, but maintaining a clean pool in the Texas heat is an all-encompassing chore. With a weekly Pool Service Spring TX residents can spend time cooling off in the sparkling waters instead of sweating to get the pool ready to enjoy.

Preventative repairs

Because professional pool technicians take the time to scrub the tiles and bottom of your pool, they notice minor damage before it becomes troublesome. Repairing a cracked tile is easier than replacing broken tiles.

Chemicals remain balanced

One of the biggest challenges pool owners face is maintaining the chemical balance in the waters of their pools. Too much chlorine causes one problem; too little causes others. With a weekly service, professionals measure and adjust the chemicals to keep your pool from erring too far in either direction.

Equipment maintenance

As do most mechanical devices, pool equipment like the pump, filters and heater require maintenance. Few homeowners take the time to learn to perform those tasks. This results in poorly functioning equipment and replacement costs later.

No need to store chemicals at home

Because a weekly service takes care of all the chemicals required to keep your pool operating in prime condition, there is no need to endanger your children or pets by keeping the chemicals stored at your home.

Keep pool free of leaves and debris

Leaves, debris, frogs and bugs will all find their way into your pool. A weekly service helps you to stay on top of the collection and keep your filter clear of any obstacles that would impact its ability to function efficiently.

Enjoy your pool

With a weekly pool service, you will be able to enjoy life poolside rather than spending your free time cleaning and measuring chemicals. Looking at the blue water on your property will be an inviting oasis instead of a reminder of an awaiting drudgery.

Knowledgeable experts

Hiring a weekly service means your pool will be cared for by experts. Chances are you have never been trained in the proper way to keep and maintain a swimming pool. As an amateur you are bound to make mistakes. Avoid potentially costly mistakes by trusting the care of your pool to professionals.

No more embarrassment

When your friends know you have a pool, they want to join you poolside for a cookout. If you've neglected your pool, the growing algae and dirty tiles can make for an embarrassing situation. Avoid the excuses and embarrassment by allowing a service to keep your pool ready for spontaneous pool parties anytime.

Protects your investment

A pool is a costly investment. Even if you purchased a home that already had a pool, filling that pool with water is not cheap. Keeping your pool clean, maintained and repaired will enable you and your family to enjoy the cool waters for longer and save additional expenses over time.

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