Top Ten Things Business Travelers Want in a Rental Home  

by Pool Builders on 03-15-2010 in Articles

Orlando is not just a hot spot for pleasure; it's fast becoming the top place to go for business. There are many conventions held in Central Florida during the year and many companies have their headquarters in the Orlando area. If you are a frequent business traveler in the Orlando area, you may want to consider something different from the traditional hotels... a rental home... that's right, a complete house with all the living, dining, kitchen, work and play areas you deserve while away on business.

Rental homes have all the services you'll need, want and desire.

Just what does the business traveler look for in a rental home?
We all know location is often a major consideration, but what about the rental home and its amenities? What is important for the business traveler? Here are some of the top things the business traveler looks for in a rental home:

1. Internet connection
2. Work desk and ample work space
3. On site food and beverage
4. Comfortable bed and bedding
5. Exercising in the private swimming pool
6. Entertain guests / clients in style
7. Great location
8. Peace and quiet
9. Audio / visual connections
10. Free local calling
Are these things important to you as a business traveler? What are other items do you look for from a rental home when you are on a business trip?
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