Top Tips in Caring For Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 05-08-2010 in Articles

Having a swimming pool in your very own property can be considered a luxury. In order to sustain the benefits from having this home feature, it must be properly cared for. A rigid maintenance routine has to be implemented so your pool would always be in its tiptop shape. At the same time, you reduce the risk of having to acquire massively expensive pool repair.

Maintaining its cleanliness and sanitary condition
Any pool with floating leaves or any sort of debris is an unsightly site. You then have to vacuum and skim your pool on a regular basis, like once to twice a week. You should also prohibit everyone from eating or drinking whenever they are in the pool.

Then again, there may be small debris not scooped out when you skimmed the pool. What you can do is to install or refurbish filtration system. In replacing filters, be sure to get the right size. Otherwise, you would only end up with further clogging problems.

Adding chemicals in the pool can highly advance its sanitation. Chlorine is the most common one used in pools, which is added on a weekly basis. There are various methods to do this application. You can buy a chlorine feeder or manually add a chlorine solution in the pool. Bromine can also be used, which is commonly used by people with highly sensitive skin. However, this costs more expensive than chlorine.

Once you notice that your pool has strong chemical smell or looks murky, typically in about two weeks, the chemical would have interacted and bonded with the pool contaminants. The subsequent task for you then is to "shock" or oxidize the pool water before adding chemicals again. Pool shocks, usually in granular form, work by drastically raising the chlorine level in the water.

A pool cleaned and sanitized regularly is further away from the risks of algae growth. Meanwhile, you can also purchase pool clarifiers or algaecide to further promote pool decontamination.

Maintaining its safety
Did you know that the percentage of accidents and fatalities due to drowning in public pools is just the same as what occurs in home pools? Especially if you have small children at home, you should prioritize having pool safety equipment like secured fences or retractable tarp, that even teenaged kids would find hard to remove.

Another safety measure you have to consider is to ensure that its water has appropriate pH balance. You can test the water if you want to be sure of the water's health. Pool testing kits and equipment are available from various stores should you want to do the testing yourself. You can also ask a professional to sample and test the water. If the result says the water has high concentration, address the problem via purchasing pH controllers.

Maintaining preferable temperature settings
Especially if you live in a cold area, you have to invest in an efficient pool heating system. This way you can enjoy your pool all throughout the year. But if you will not use it during the coldest months, you either have to drain the water as soon as possible.

By doing these simple measures, you can look forward to having unlimited fun with your swimming pool.

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