Top ten things to improve the value of property in Spain  

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Top ten things to improve the value of a property in Spain
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Under build - The conversion of an under-build can greatly improve the value, this flexibility in a property could include extra income to rent out or used for guests to stay over or even a granny annexe for an older family member. The other reasons are many Spanish properties dont have much storage facilities and this area must be carefully thought out to give maximum facilities. Tip always get the builder put in extra power points & plumbing when newly built to save money for conversion.

Landscaped garden- One of the greatest potential costs people under estimate in buying property abroad is to landscaped an entire garden area, great if you want to a have open area as a clean sheet and arranged as you want but when you have put trees and plants as well as driveways, patio areas, the costs start to escalate. Remember after a few seasons plants will grow fast here, so only plant the things you can maintain, as most gardens are time consuming.

Forth bedrooms or study - People with families are starting to come to Spain seeking a better lifestyle and opportunities but the availability of villas with four bedrooms is relevantly small, so to add another bedroom will improve the value of your property and this will make it more saleable. People who operate their businesses from home, a study or office will make any villa far more attractive to buy.

Aircon/heating - With high temperatures in the summer months night and day, buyers will turn away from buying a property without at least air conditioning, as a real must in the re-saleability of any property. As more people live and stay for longer periods in Spain and through the winter months there is more call for central heating to be installed for those chilly nights plus with this instillation will make a ideal winter letting for a longer periods.

Swimming pool - Having a swimming pool is what coming to Spain is all about, people in the UK just dream about this. So when installing a pool of any size think about a heated pool powered by solar panels as you can only tip your toes in from May to September only 5 months of the year, yet a heated swimming pool has all year round appeal, you can even use it on Christmas Day, now tell that one to the folks back home.

Hot tub - One of the many things people have said to me who I have interviewed is that they wished they had it installed earlier. The lovely all year around hot tub, such a relaxing feeling just to go into a hot tub every day, folks who have them say they use them more than a swimming pool, its the movement of water that does its, have you tried it.

Security - This is a necessary evil but you have just got to protect what is yours. Opportunists will go out and steal what is not theirs so alarm it, grill it, and lock it away. Always when you first buy a property in Spain change the locks you just dont know whos had a set of keys, builders, cleaners, maintenance man, neighbours, estate agents, better to be safe than sorry change the locks straight away. Next get alarms installed, as least this is a deterrent seeing the alarm sign outside of the property, keep it set even when you have gone out shopping. Get the grills installed and always shutters down. Tip, I always keep the radio & lights on.

Driveway/carport - One of the things a perspective buyer will walk away from when buying a property is a property without a driveway, people just want to put their car onto their property, this maybe by instinct but have a car in a driveway and then even better if you have a carport installed this will keep a cover from the dust and you from cleaning the car every day.

Kitchen - This is the most important room in any property anywhere in the world, so a modern style and easy facilities and what it has to offer this is paramount, it must be practical as well and well laid out ready for action, for instance excellent lighting is essential, ample worktop surfaces, dishwasher installed, eating area is so important as not many villas have separate dining rooms. Remember get more double power points installed when buying newly built.

Bathrooms - A word of warning for bathroom suites is keep it simple, clean and plain, white tiles white suite will make any bathroom looking luxurious just add colour and texture with towels and soaps, dont clutter with bits, just white and large mirrors and excellent lighting, all very important in any overseas property.

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