Touch Screen LCD Poster By The Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 01-07-2011 in Articles

Indoor digital signage is now using an assortment of LCD advertising display to allow companies to sell various services to grow profit as well as providing a helpful service. How is this done and why?

Digital signage is becoming increasingly renowned as it is the ultra contemporary way to market a business or service, getting an instantaneous response, but now the technology has developed so that guests can even book beds near the pool, no longer will the English have to get up early to beat a certain countries tourists to put a towel on a sun lounger, getting the fantastic position for the best suntan.

This solution takes bonus of the digital poster and a unit that has an integrated touch screen enables visitors to decide on the leisure activity they want and book the service and if it is a paid service it is automatically billed to the room, so let us look at how it works.

Interactive LCD poster.
This panel is 32" in size and can be placed in either panorama or upright depending on the function it is being utilized for. Wall mounting is ideal as this can easily be moved when necessary. The advertisements player is built into the side of the tv and accessed through a locked door - this prevents unauthorised entry.

The front panel is touch sensitive, so now the shopper is in charge of the advertising, deciding upon what they are interested in and interacting with the media, making for a more enjoyable experience for the consumer.

How easy is it to work?
In a hotel the display may be split into 6 segments, each segment representing an activity, from golf, cookery course/lessons, riding lessons, spa facilities, beauty treatments and hair treatments. When a visitor chooses the activity they are interested in they are then taken to further options that are available with costs and availability, so the visitor can pick what day is best for them and pick the time and charge this to their room.

One hotel is employing this use so customers can book sun beds, by choosing the pool area on the map of the hotel and then they are taken to an additional map of round the pool, by clicking on a bed books it for you, so if you want to move to another, you have to reselect the same bed and then make a different selection, this allows you to have sun beds near your friends. When the guest is out by the pool and needs additional towels or a beverage, the server knows the guests quickly by viewing the screen that shows what guest is where, they can even have their regular newspaper waiting for them on the table, this extra customer service detail makes the hotel the selection of many celebrities as well as regular guests who can pay the $2,295 per night for a room.

This solution is not pricey to implement, it can easily be achieved for a very modest cost of around $1000, permitting any group to use digital signage to engage with their potential buyers and up sell their services.

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