Tour The Olympic Training Center In Colorado Springs  

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The US Olympics Complex in Colorado Springs is the main training center for the US Olympic Committee and also the Olympic Training Center programs. Additionally, it is the national headquarters of two members of the US Olympic Committee, USA Swimming and USA Shooting. You'll find over 15 other members, two international sports federations as well as the headquarters of the USOC situated in close proximity. The Complex once was the home of the ENT Air Force Base and also the North American Defense Command headquarters and had been taken over by the USOC in 1978.

Between October 1996 and April 1997, the USOC put in more than $23 million in putting together facilities through a state of the art sports medicine and sports science center as well as an athletic center, consisting of two residence halls and a dining area. Up to 557 athletes and coaches could be accommodated in its housing, dining and recreational facilities. To supply the very best training and support in the world to the athletes from the US stands out as the complex's mission and philosophy.

When you visit the Complex, you'll have to watch a short film showing scenes from past Olympic Games. This video footage will present you with mixed emotions and thoughts: the happiness of success and also the melancholy of defeat. After the video clip, you'll have a walking tour of specific sections within the complex, which usually takes about 45 minutes. Life-size figures with panels of narration can be seen on the Irwin Belk Olympic Pathway and provide insights into Olympic and Pan American Sports. The tour will also let you look at the training facilities, like the Sport Center Gymnasiums. The Sport Center Gymnasium gives training facilities for gymnastics, volleyball and basketball as well as boxing. Additionally, you'll see the just reconditioned weightlifting facility, in which you may get to see athletes training on the most up-to-date equipment.

Be captivated in seeing athletes training for control of their bodies and shoot between heart beats at the USA Shooting Center. The Aquatics center features a swimming pool that could hold 1,000,000 gallons of water. The capacity is not the sole thing that makes this swimming pool one-of-a-kind, since it is furnished with a number of cameras, making it possible for the coaches to observe individual swimmers or groups of swimmers. Also, it is loaded with a tow rope on the side. The tow rope is used to pull swimmers and teaches them the rate they need to be at in the medal winning territory. Most of the tour is done outdoors, and that means you need to dress accordingly. Right after you finish, check out the Olympic Hall of Fame Rotunda to savor the exhibits and drop by the U.S. Olympic Shop. All of these are situated in the main Visitor Center.

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