Training For the Swim Portion of a Triathlon

by Pool Builders on 02-02-2010 in Articles

Training for the swim portion of a triathlon can be the same as training for a pool meet but again its not. You can swim lap after lap with some fast intervals included and do well. You also need to build a good aerobic base, because most triathlon swims are one mile or so. If you're like me, this aerobic base will also help your running.

What can you do to improve your aerobic base if you only have a few days a week to get to a pool? You need to maximize your time the best you can. Maybe you can use one day as a long and slow day. Just plan on swimming a longer distance than the distance of your next triathlon. Swimming past the distance will not only prepare you physically but mentally as well.

If you don't have the time to spend for a lot of swimming, try some tricks to help improve your strength while you're in the pool. After swimming some laps using normal freestyle method, do some laps with you hand clinched into a fist. This will make you use the surface of your arms to propel you through the water and you will exert more energy. When you open your hand again to swim you will defiantly feel how much the open hand helps.

Get yourself a set of paddles to swim with. The benefit of using paddles is that they increase the surface area that your hands must pull through thus increasing resistance on your arms. This is a good way to strengthen your arms as you swim. You will have to get used to the different feel you get from the paddles and they take a little to get used to, but they do help.

Make the most of what little time you have in the pool each week so you can gain the most benefit. If you feel tired when you get to the pool because you have not recovered from a run or bike ride take it easy. If the swim is your weak event maybe you should back off on the others till you can improve your swim.

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