Training for Triathlon Swimming in the Ocean

by Pool Builders on 01-12-2011 in Articles

If you are new to triathlons, you should be training for triathlon swimming in the ocean every chance you get. Even if it's one time before your first event, that would put you one step ahead. You will at least have a feel for what to expect.

Obviously the ocean presents a few things that make it different from swimming in the pool. There are currents, waves and it's harder to check the direction you are going. Getting familiar with these will make it easier for you when you are racing. Below are some things to be aware of when you go to the ocean to swim.

For the sake of safety have a partner, so do not go alone. If you have no choice but to swim alone at least go to where life guards are on duty. While swimming get a feel for how the currents work. You will notice the currents change direction depending on if the tide is going out or coming in.

Fog can also be a problem in some areas, you may start swimming when it's clear but suddenly find yourself fogged in. Don't panic if you can't see the shore, watch the direction of the waves and follow them. If you get fog where you live, don't venture too far from shore.

If the races in your area start by running into the water from the shore, your trip to the beach would be a good time to practice this. Practice running into the water and swimming, this will help you overcome some anxiety of the race start because you have become familiar with it.

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