Triathlon Swim Training - What Do I Do?

by Pool Builders on 10-13-2010 in Articles

It is important when you just start out in the sport of triathlon, to get comfortable in the water. This is the best time to do that, the so called off season. Swimming is different from our other two sports as it is much more technical and form is a huge factor to going faster and saving energy.

So don't just show up at the pool, show up with a plan, a strategy and some goals each week. Warm up can be somewhere between 300 and 500 yards. You will want to swim two to three times a week minimum. If swimming is your weak point, then I would recommend five times a week to really get the technique down. So let's talk about some drills to help you do that.

First drill is kicking on your side, make sure to press your downward shoulder toward the bottom of the pool so your feel and but rise and not sink, again thinking good body position here. Second drill is the same drill but do a single arm stroke and only takes your breath when your body has rotated enough that your head is naturally out of the water. The third drill is called the three four flip flop drill, where you will do three strokes of your front crawl and then do the fourth stroke on your back and because you have an odd number of strokes you will rotate your torso greatly.

Two additional drills that will really help is the fingertip drill, where the focus is on keeping your elbows up, and lastly is swimming with your fists. If you spend every workout starting out with drills, your form will improve greatly, and you will become a much improved efficient swimmer. Triathlon swim training is all about improving your body position and building endurance, the swim will not win your race, but it could lose your race.

To conclude your workout, make sure to cool down with anywhere from 200-500 yards, getting your heart rate to almost resting rate.

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