Triathlon Swim Workouts - Train To Swim

by Pool Builders on 01-04-2011 in Articles

Of the three events in the triathlon, swimming is probably the least expensive as far as buying equipment. Although you may have to pay for the use of a pool and this can be a detriment to some because of the cost. All that aside, the triathlon swim is the one event that too many people don't spend much time training for.

Of those that do spend time swimming, how many actually train like swimmers to improve their form, increase speed and improve their endurance? Many triathletes have a background in running and may have participated in 5k or 10 races before crossing over to the triathlon. Then there are some that come from a biking background.

If they spent time training to swim like they know how to do for running or biking then they could experience better times and more efficiency. If this is you, set your self up with a regular program that will help you gain more endurance so you are stronger when you exit the water, and also to be a little faster in the water.

Instead of just swimming laps up and down the pool start doing fast intervals of different distances. Every couple weeks try for a distance day where you cover a longer distance non stop than you are accustomed to. Try to get to the point where you are swimming for distance at a faster tempo.

You should also be working on your swimming form. The more efficient your form is the easier you will propel yourself through the water. This means you could use less energy and leave the water not as worn out.

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