Triathlon Swimming Training - Don't Neglect It

by Pool Builders on 01-18-2011 in Articles

If you treat your triathlon swimming training as secondary to the bike and run, you should rethink your strategy. It's true not all triathletes like the swim and do not take it as serious, but what if you could just make that swim much easier? Could you go for finishing the swim section and getting on your bike not as tired as and further ahead on time than you previously have been?

When you go to the pool, instead of swimming up and down the lane for a distance, how about focusing on a couple things that would help make improvements. One would be your swimming style. If you have never been instructed on how to properly kick and utilize your arm stroke, do some research on this. There are lots of books available to teach you the correct way to swim.

If you can manage it, join a swim club. This will put you around some experienced swimmers and hopefully a coach that can help you. Even if you only met with them a few times, you could get all the information you can out of them and put it to use.

It is good to do some intervals to help train yourself to swim faster. But if your swimming technique is not refined, do not go all out on this. Your endurance is important and you can improve on this by swimming for distance at least once a week at a medium fast pace and from doing fast intervals.

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