Triathlon Tips - Improve Open Water Swimming

by Pool Builders on 08-11-2010 in Articles

Swimming in the open sea is more challenging compare to swimming in a swimming pool. As such it is important you practice your open water swimming in the sea else you will be wasting your effort.

First of all when doing open water swimming you will notice that the water is saltier compare to the water in the swimming pool. Not only will salt water taste bad but it can really hurt your eyes if you allowed the water to get to them. So remember to protect your eyes with a good goggle else you will have a tough time doing open water swimming.

The next challenge you will face when doing open water swimming is the forces of nature like water current, wave and wind. Unlike swimming pool where water current is controlled and the area is smaller, swimming in the sea can be very difficult if you are used to a controlled environment. That is why it is very important to practice swimming in the sea so that you are more adapt to the environment. Another benefit when practice in the sea is that the area is so much bigger compare to the swimming pool which makes your laps longer which is more suitable for a triathlon race.

Water temperature is another obstacle that you will need to overcome. Typically sea water is usually colder compare to swimming pool water. If you are afraid of cold water then now is the best time to practice by taking cold showers to help your body to get used to it. If not your open water swimming performance will be affected greatly because you will constantly have to fight the freezing sensation. I highly recommend that you wear a good swimming suit as it will help with the cold temperature. Do a good warm up is also a great idea so that your body is prepared for the task ahead.

Getting a group of friends to do open water swimming has a lot of benefits as well. Not only will it help you with training but it can make your life much safer. When swimming in the sea you must be prepared for a lot of unexpected events and sometimes having a friend around can save your life. As for practice you can compete with your friends to make your practice a more joyful one rather than swimming alone. With your friends around you can practice overtaking when doing open water swimming as well. You have to remember that triathlon swimming is not limited to a single lane for each swimmer. There is no lane and only a finishing line and when you want to overtake someone in front of you, you must know how to shift your swimming direction to go pass your competitor. Not only that you have to deal with the water current that is cause by your competitor in front of you.

The last and most important thing of all is practice, practice and practice and you will be good at it. Open water swimming takes time to get used to because it is not a controlled environment like a swimming pool.

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