Trouble Breathing While Swimming? Follow These Tips

by Pool Builders on 01-13-2011 in Articles

Are you having trouble breathing while swimming? This is not uncommon, not only with beginners but with experienced triathletes as well. Learning to properly breathe is something you must consciously work on until it becomes second nature to you.

One of main reasons for difficult breathing is being tense. If you can learn to relax you will find that your whole swim experience will change, this goes for training and racing. When you get tensed up from worry or anxiety it makes it difficult to get into a regular breathing pattern and you may find yourself occasionally holding your breath.

Perhaps the problem is in your technique. Is your arm stroke correct and do you turn your head to breathe at the right time? Remember also when you exhale do so under water so when you next turn your face up you are ready for your next breath. You should also learn bi lateral breathing or breathing on both sides. This may take a bit more practice but it can be vitally important to learn.

The best thing you can do is join a swim club so you will have a coach or other experienced swimmers that can get you headed in the right direction. It can be hard to teach yourself the correct way to swim when you can not watch what you are doing. With a coach you might find yourself progressing quicker.

Spend all the time you can in the pool practicing so it all becomes second nature to you. When you reach this point you will be breathing like a pro and your race experience will be so much more rewarding.

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