Try an Inflatable Pool Slide For Summer Fun

by Pool Builders on 05-18-2010 in Articles

Inflatable pool slides are a very popular addition to family swimming pools and have several advantages over rigid ones. One of the more obvious ones is that you can easily deflate and store the slide when you've finished using it, and it will not take up much room. Static slides are more time consuming to disassemble and harder to store; if they are designed as a permanent fixture, then they may deteriorate in poor weather. Inflatable slides are also ideal for younger children, since by their nature they are soft and provide cushioning against possible injuries.

The vast majority of inflatable slides are extremely easy to set up. You simply inflate them with the supplied foot pump (or use an electric pump to make it even easier), and connect your garden hose to supply the water which sprays down the slide's surface.

A few slides are designed specifically for in-ground pools and others for above-ground ones; although several work with both -- just make sure to check before you buy. Also check the recommended minimum pool depth for the slide you're considering purchasing; 5 feet is the norm. If very young children will be using the slide, then choose a model which has steps that can accommodate small strides. A model with a wide sliding surface will allow two people to slide down together.

Some of the cheaper models available may be made from sub-standard materials which will tear quite easily, especially in areas subject to high wear and tear, such as the steps. It's worth paying a bit extra for a model made from heavy duty PVC or vinyl, very cheap models are a false economy. At the pricier end of the market, you can find what amount to mini waterparks, featuring multiple slides, tunnels, etc. You will need a fairly large area to accommodate this type. So long as you choose a good quality slide, your family should get many days' fun from it, making it a very worthwhile investment.

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