Turn Your Backyard Into a Tropical Paradise With a Coral Reef Above Ground Pool Liner  

by Pool Builders on 05-29-2008 in Articles

Decades ago when the first prefabricated above ground pools appeared on the market people were happy with them just as they were. They finally made it possible for families to have a little water park in their own backyards with out having to go into debt for years. Every summer since then the young and the young at heart could be found in backyards around the world gleefully splashing about and playing water games with each other in sturdy above ground pools.

Dive Into a Tropical Reef

Somewhere along the line someone got the bright idea to start making adjustments to the plain blue vinyl pool liners that was in all of these above ground pools and the rest is history. There are now an uncountable number of choices in colorful decorative above ground pool liners but for kids the number one choice is "tropical reef".

Bold 3D Designs Jump Off the Walls

There are several variations of this design motif to choose from but one thing that they all have in common is their realism. Tropical fish coral and seaweed fill the walls in 3-D and sand and rocks cover the floor. The realism is truly amazing and the colors never fade or wear off either.

Huge Choices and Big Savings Online`

Your kids will definitely need a mask and snorkel to swim in your above ground pool after you convert it into a tropic fantasy aquarium with one of these new vinyl pool liners. The great news is that they don't cost a whole lot more then a standard blue above ground pool liner either, also they can be easily purchased online.

Vinyl Tile Duplicates Ceramic Perfectly

There is a wide choice in decorative vinyl tile above ground pool liners that look and feel just like ceramic tile. There is one difference though and that is that vinyl tile pool liners don't require the constant maintenance that ceramic tile does. In fact, this is precisely why more and more people are opting for decorative faux tile vinyl pool liners for their built in concrete pools.

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