Turn in Your Best Ever Swim Times With This Powerful Method  

by Pool Builders on 01-24-2013 in Articles

When there is a discussion of the best athletes on the planet, swimmers often get overlooked. Everyone knows that basketball and football players are in tremendous shape, but have you ever seen an Olympic swimmer out of the pool? Impressive, to say the least. Competitive swimmers are among the most fit people on the planet, and have to keep their bodies in perfect working order to be able to post good times race after race. If you are a swimmer hoping to improve on your best times, consider using chiropractic adjustments to optimize your performance.

Swimming is great because the aquatic environment takes pressure off many of the body's joints. It is a low-impact activity and can be a lifelong passion because of that attribute. That does not mean, however, that is it completely easy on your body. Swimming is hard work, and your muscles and joints will be exerting major effort in order to swim fast. To put in great times, you need to stay flexible and strong throughout your whole upper body including shoulders, back, and torso. Visiting a chiropractor regularly will make sure that you stay properly aligned and ready to hit the water at top speed.

Even if you are currently swimming pain free, you may have issues you are not aware of that are limiting your ability. Subluxation can occur in any of your vertebrae and limit your flexibility. Since subluxation is not always associated with pain, you may have one or more subluxated vertebrae currently hampering your performance. If you committed to a strict regimen of chiropractic visits, you could be sure that your body was functioning at its highest potential.

As a competitive swimmer, you don't need any introduction to just how close many swim races are. Often the winner is decided by literally hundredths of a second, with a reach at the wall being the determining factor. It would be a shame to get out-touched at the wall not knowing if you had done everything you could to prepare for the race. You need to not only be training hard and eating right, but you also need to be regularly visiting your chiropractor for routine adjustments that will optimize performance.

"If it weren't for chiropractic, I wouldn't have won the gold medal!" -Dan O'Brien, Decathlon Gold Medalist

Top athletes from a wide range of sports have increasingly turned to chiropractic not as a way to get healthy, but as a way to maximize their performance. These athletes understand that to come out on top in any sport, your body has to be working at its best and not be inhibited in any way. Waiting until an injury occurs to seek an adjustment is simply not good enough anymore. If you wish to get to the top of your swimming competitions, or simply improve on your best times, add consistent chiropractic visits to your training schedule. Your body will feel better after long swims, and you will be able to know that you are getting every possible second out of your times. There is no need to put off achieving times that you never thought were possible - go see your chiropractor today!

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