Turning Your Home Into a Summertime Hotspot  

by Pool Builders on 07-14-2014 in Articles

You spent nearly half a year freezing your tail off, navigating icy roads and shoveling heavy mounds of snow. There's no question that last winter was an ordeal - particularly for people who hail from colder parts of the country. Each day was rife with frigid temperatures and relentless snowfall, ensuring that you dreaded getting up in the morning. Far from a €winter wonderland,€ you felt as though you were trapped in a veritable winter wasteland for five solid months. Just leaving the house entailed bundling up for an arctic expedition.

The worst part of winter was being unable to hang out with friends and family members. Aside from going to school and work and making the occasional grocery store run, your loved ones were every bit as housebound as you. Now that summer's finally here, there's no time like the present to reconnect with your nearest and dearest. To celebrate the return of long sunny days and warm weather, why not invite your pals and relatives over for a fun-filled summertime shindig? You've waited months for this opportunity, so it's only natural that you'd want to make the most of it. When looking for ways to make your home more comfortable for summertime guests, take the following pointers into account.

Buy an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

Even if your home features central air conditioning, there's no better refuge from the sweltering summertime heat than a nice cool swimming pool. Having your very own pool is sure to make your home a popular destination for friends, family and neighbors. Unfortunately, traditional in-ground pools can make a tremendous dent in your savings. Anyone in the market for one can expect to pay between $20,000 and $40,000.

Luckily, a cost-conscious alternative exists in the form of above-ground swimming pools. These pools typically cost between $800 and $2,000 and are much easier to maintain and install than their in-ground counterparts. Whereas it takes months to construct an in-ground pool, an above-ground pool can be put together or disassembled in less than an hour. This ensures that the pool can easily be taken apart and stored in your garage or basement during the fall and winter months.

Invest in a Propane Grill

If there's one thing summertime is known for, it's backyard barbecues. Whether you're celebrating the Fourth of July or just need an excuse to invite people over, you can't go wrong with a good old-fashioned cookout. To ensure that your barbecues go off without a hitch, consider investing in a quality propane grill. Propane burns much faster than charcoal, resulting in shortened food preparation times. In addition, propane grills are much better at sealing in natural juices than their charcoal-based counterparts. Before you know it, you'll be known among your friends and family members as the undisputed summertime grill master.

Have a Central Air Conditioner Installed

If you want your loved ones to flock to your home during the summer, you'd better make sure the place is nice and cool. In light of the seemingly endless heat waves that have characterized recent summers, fans and window-based AC units are no longer able to sufficiently cool most homes. By purchasing a central air conditioner for your house, you can ensure that guests find relief from the heat no matter which area of your home they happen to be in.

With its abundance of beautiful weather and extended daylight hours, summer is the perfect season to reconnect with people you didn't see much of over the winter. By taking measures to turn your home into a fun, comfortable place, you can provide your nearest and dearest with plenty of incentive to drop by throughout the summer months.

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