Twelve Great Reasons to Have a Pool Alarm

by Pool Builders on 07-11-2009 in Articles

These are in no particular order, but they are all excellent reasons why people with pools in their backyard have a Pool Alarm.

- They do not want a baby or small child to fall into the pool and drown, and this is the single most popular reason for people that own one of these brilliant devices.

- They don't want a pet to fall into the pool and drown or even get hurt as it tries and eventually escapes.

- They have kids or teenagers and they don't want them sneaking into the pool late at night.

- The base unit that is kept in the house will receive a message transmitted by the unit itself if somebody goes, dives, jumps, or falls into the water.

- The unit is less than a couple of hundred dollars and that is a small price to pay for , particularly when the pool itself costs thousands of dollars to buy or have built.

- People don't want an elderly or handicapped person to fall in while unattended, and perhaps be helpless, and unable to get themselves out.

- The pool alarm uses amazing technology, is battery operated, can be silenced in the pool area, so if you have neighbor kids that try to sneak into your pool, they won't even know that the base unit inside the house is informing you that they are out there trespassing.

- Ditto the above for the neighbor's stray dog or other pets, or even wild animals in your area, if any.

- It's a great conversation starter when friends come to visit, and it tells them that you care enough about your friends and guests to have something like this to help everyone, including them, to be safe.

- The pool alarm can possibly prevent a lawsuit, because if someone did fall in, you would be alerted and possibly able to rescue them before it becomes a worse scenario.

- IF you have any drunken friends or relatives, they could possibly fall in, and suddenly be helpless, and again you would be notified.

- It's great to "have one and not need it" than to "need one and not have it."

So, there you go, with a dozen good reasons why folks have pool alarms in their own personal swimming pools, to help promote safety and keep everyone aware of what is going on out back.

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