Two Pool Safety Defenses For Kids

by Pool Builders on 04-28-2010 in Articles

People usually put up fences and alarms to protect their homes from burglary. However, it's not only the home that needs protection. Backyard pools also need such safety pool supplies. You see, having kids and a swimming pool is a difficult mix. Children can easily be lured by the enticing pool waters to get into it to swim and play. This is potentially dangerous as children can fall on deep waters and drown.

Installing fences is a must whenever you have a backyard pool. This is the first line of defense that can deter small kids from getting into the pool area. A pool fence should fully enclose the swimming pool. It should be made of sturdy material that wouldn't give way or break off easily. The ideal height should be at least 4 feet so that kids couldn't easily jump over it. It should be hard to climb and there should be no gaps in between that little children can slip through. Preferably, the fence should have safety locks and self-closing latches.

Even if swimming pools are fully fenced and gated, children can devise some plan to overcome these obstacles. So, a second line of protective pool supplies is up in order.

These are pool alarms that can be placed on the gate, fence or in the pool. Pool alarms are motion and heat sensors that will go off if anyone passes near it. It will continue to sound off unless it is manually override by an adult. Installing these alarms can be very expensive but pool owners and parents will have peace of mind knowing they have safe and sound children around.

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