Types Of Pool Cleaning Chemicals That Many Pool Companies Use  

by Pool Builders on 01-22-2014 in Articles

A home swimming pool is a valuable asset. It can beautify a home, make it more enjoyable and increase its value. If a pool is not properly maintained, however, it can become something of a liability. There are certain things that a homeowner can do on their own to keep their pool in peak condition. These include regularly cleaning the surface of the pool with a net, consistently checking the skimmer basket, and making sure that cracks on the deck are dealt with quickly. This type of maintenance is just the tip of the iceberg, however, when it comes to proper pool care. That is why many home pool owners often employ pool service companies who use professional types of pool cleaning chemicals to ensure the right chemical balance in their pool.

There are several pool cleaning chemicals that many professional pool cleaning companies use. One major category of these chemicals is sanitizers. These cleaners protect a pool from the growth of algae and bacteria. Two common pool cleaning chemicals are bromine and chlorine. Chlorine comes in liquid or tablet form and works well, though some people can find that it slightly irritates their eyes and skin. This is the reason why bromine is sometimes preferred, though it can only be used in warm water.

There are other types of chemicals for cleaning pools, such as pH balancers. These are used alongside either bromine or chlorine. They help to keep the water clear, and they also prevent algae from growing in the pool. Balancers work by adjusting the pH level in a pool, ensuring that it remains within the ideal range of 7.2 to 7.6. It is very important that a pool's pH balance is kept within this range. If it is not, then the water can burn swimmers' eyes, irritate their skin, and even cause the equipment of the pool to erode.

Algaecides are also among the cleaning chemical types used by professional service companies. Algae are the enemy of the beautiful home swimming pool. Some algae are resistant to chlorine, and therefore require something besides a sanitizer or balancer to remove them. Algaecides fight these algae without affecting either the water's pH balance or its chlorine levels.

If you are looking to maintain their pool, you should employ the services of an experienced cleaning company. Such an establishment will have access to the types of cleaning chemicals that work best in the type and size of pool you own. They will also have the experience needed to assess the chemical levels and make the appropriate adjustments as needed. A reputable cleaning company will know the steps to take to ensure that your valuable investment is kept in optimal condition all year long.

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