Types Of Treatments For Flooded Pools  

by Pool Builders on 03-17-2011 in Articles

With the recent flooding in Brisbane, there have been many damages caused to the lives, health and properties of individuals. These have left many devastated as all damage is not easy to repair. Swimming pools have also been particularly affected by the flooding and downpour. To bring the pool back to its original state a lot of pool maintenance Brisbane measures are required. The major damages include contamination in the pool water and broken fencing. Appropriate measures need to be taken to fix these problems after careful evaluation of the extent of damage caused.

The first thing to do is carry out an initial assessment to find out the extent of damage caused. The fencing has to be checked whether it is intact or not as damaged fencing can result in possible child drowning incidents. The pump house and other structures should be checked for any presence of snakes and pests. Complete eradication measures must be carried out so that these creatures do not find their way back into the pool.

Next, the pool water content needs to be assessed. The soil and silt that might have entered the pool as a result of floods has to be pumped or bucketed out. How this is to be done requires the assistance of pool inspectors as certain laws have to be followed. All water cannot be simply pumped to the sewer. As the water might be containing a lot of contaminants, it will not be appropriate to pump filter all of that as this will clog the filter.

It is understood that ground water table will be elevated as compare to usual routine. Extra care must be taken before draining the water from pool. Avoid lifting the pool from the foundation due to ground water pressure. Firstly, the extent of dirtiness in water is assessed and action is taken accordingly. At this stage water is either cleaned using appropriate chemicals or drained. The chemical required for cleaning are flocculent, chlorine and clarifiers. Water is drained completely or partially depending upon the condition of the pool. The warranty condition of pool should also be revisited, as in most cases it voids the construction warranties provided by pool builders.

Electrical equipment is yet another important consideration when it comes to safety precautions for your pool. The pump, timer or any other electrical equipment that s used for pool maintenance should be checked by a licensed electrician after the flooded water has been receded.

Swimming pools affected by floods can be a nuisance to fix. Pool builders have all the right knowledge, expertise and techniques to treat a flooded pool in the best possible manner.

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