Types of Above Ground Pools

by Pool Builders on 06-24-2010 in Articles

Everybody knows that swimming in a pool can be extremely relaxing. It seemingly provides soft healing in peculiar ways. Buying a pool can be one of the best expenses, but there are lots of different types of pools to choose from. One of the more popular types is the above ground pool. Above ground pools are more affordable, and the can instantly turn a backyard into a paradise. There are many different types of above ground pools, but the two most common are ones with hard sides and soft sides.

Hard Sides

Hard-sided pools are mostly made of metal and they either come in a circular shape or an oval shape. The wall of a hard-sided pool is quite flexible, but a sheet metal rail lines the top to provide extra strength and stability. To help keep the water in place, there is a liner that is attached to the rail. Preparing the area that this kind of pool will be installed in takes lots of preparation and the construction process can be anticipated to be complex. However, these types can really withstand more natural wear and tear than a soft-sided pool. These can also be built with custom depths ranging from extremely shallow to 4 feet.

Soft Sides

Pools with soft sides are usually a lot more affordable than ones with hard sides, but they generally comparable in quality. These types come in mostly rectangular shapes, but it is possible to find one that is circular. These types can be inflatable, and they can also have a metal frame that supports the walls. Construction for pools with soft sides is also pretty flexible. They can be built on surfaces with sand, concrete, dirt, grass, and gravel. Some people are skeptical about these pools because of their soft-sided walls, but the walls are actually quite durable. The material used for the walls is actually similar to the material used in bulletproof vests. Fortunately, these also only take just a few hours to assemble, and they can quickly and easily be stored away during the colder parts of the year.


Portable pools are another option for buying ones that are above ground. Like the name states, portables are ones that can be transported and setup quickly and efficiently. They are designed to hold lots of people, so their sizes can be quite large. They mostly come in elliptical shapes, and they are designed to be placed in tight spots. This type of pool might be a good idea if long-term maintenance is not an option.

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