Types of Intex Above Ground Pools

by Pool Builders on 09-01-2009 in Articles

If you have a limited budget and space and want to have a swimming pool at your home then above ground pool is the right option for you. Intex is a leading manufacturer of the above ground pools. They have different kinds of pools to suit the requirements of different customers. Some of them are listed below -

Easy Set Pools

This is a simple inflatable type of above ground swimming pool. The pool size varies from 8 to 18 feet in diameter and 30 to 52 inches in height. These pools are known as easy set because they are very easy to use. You have to just inflate the outer ring of this pool and then fill it with water. The pool is then set for use. It needs no installation and you can use it as soon as you bring it home.

Metal Frame Pools

This pool is made of powder coated steel to keep it rust free. The diameter of the pool varies from 10 to 24 feet and the height varies from 30 to 52 inches. This pool is easy to assemble. It has pin and snap joint beams so that there is no need for tools to assemble it.

Oval Frame Pools

This pool gives you the benefit of both easy set and metal frame pools. It has an inflatable ring on the top just like in easy set and the sides are made of powder-coated steel. These pools are available in three different sizes. 

Rectangular Ultra Frame Pools

This rectangular pool made of metal is very easy to assemble. It offers more space for swimming and playing games. 

Round Ultra Frame Pools

This round pool is made of good quality powder coated steel. The construction of the pool is such that all pieces can be easily fastened to each other in no time.

All Intex above ground pools come with complete kit, which includes pump, ladder, filter and instructional DVD.

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