Types of Pool Cleaners - Find What Suits Best For Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 01-05-2010 in Articles

It's undeniable that swimming pools bring so much fun for us - for our family and friends. After a stressful office job you can just spend time taking a refreshing plunge into your pool. However, they do not only bring fun for us because some people find them difficult to manage most especially when it comes to cleaning - and I mean regular cleaning.

If you are one of these people who thinks regular swimming pool cleaning is a curse then you should know some important facts to be able to become an effective pool owner. You should know what are those swimming pool cleaners that suit best for the type of pool you have.

There are a number of swimming pool cleaners available for you to apply and these can be categorized into three types:

Manual swimming pool cleaner

Manual pool cleaners are commonly used for small-sized pool ( usually for domestic pools). If you are bounded by financial constraints, manual cleaners may suit best for you. These are the cheapest compared to other types. However, it may be physically demanding and laborious for you - and it takes time. But it is actually up to you how you do the cleaning so to make it fun instead of frustrating.

Automatic swimming pool cleaner

Another type that can help you in doing the pool cleaning is through the use of an automatic swimming pool cleaner. This is a huge development over the manual system of pool cleaning. With this type of cleaner, all you need to do is to put them in the pool, turn the power supply on and then let it do the tasks. Automatic swimming-pool cleaners can remove leaves, sand, stones and other foreign debris out of your pool. The disadvantage of this type of cleaner is that it cleans the pool randomly. Although automatic swimming cleaners nowadays are using sophisticated sensor to detect foreign debris, rubbish, it can not match the human cleaning when it comes to cleaning quality.

Robotic swimming-pool cleaner

This is very similar to automatic swimming-pool-cleaner but with an addition of 'human characteristics'. In other words, this type of cleaner is designed to automate the process of cleaning while attempting to mimic how humans do it. Robotic cleaners have a built-in microchip in them so that they can be able to clean pools in a programmed manner instead of doing it randomly. However, this is too expensive - the most expensive - type of cleaners and is usually used only by big swimming resorts.

So, there you go. Now that you have already an idea on types of swimming-pool-cleaners, hope your swimming-pool will bring just fun for you - and stress-free cleaning.

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