Types of Pool Covers

by Pool Builders on 10-18-2011 in Articles

Swimming pool covers are important because they keep debris out of your pool, maintain temperature, can provide safety and overall cleanliness. There are many different types that provide different functions.

Pool covers make maintenance easier and keep unwanted visitors out of your pool. They retain heat, which lowers expenses, and protect your pool. The type of cover you need depends on climate, season, and what function you want it to serve, so it is important to know about the different types and choose the best type for you.

Solid winter covers are strong, durable covers that keep your pool clean until it is time to open the pool back up for spring. Solid winter covers keep contaminants that harsh winter weather like snow can bring and will make spring cleaning much easier. They will probably come in three different levels: economical, mid-grade, and premium and come in in-ground or above-ground versions.

Leaf nets are usually placed on top of solid covers. They allow you to remove leaves from the solid cover without having to remove the heavier cover. Leaf nets are lighter and easier to remove and replace. These are especially useful with pools that are surrounded by lots of trees. If leaves spend too much time in a pool, they can decay, creating an unpleasant smell, so it is important to keep leaves out of the pool in the first place.

Mesh covers filter leaves and other contaminants, keeping them from getting into the water. It is different from a solid cover in the way that it allows water to seep into the pool while keeping debris out. They can be used instead of a solid cover.

Safety covers keep children or animals from falling into the pool. Having a safety cover can remove the stress of having children and animals that play in a backyard that has a pool. These covers can hold a minimum of 485 pounds. They usually come in mesh and solid materials and are held in place by anchors. Pool fences are also available for extra protection.

Pool covers come in many designs and serve different function based on type. It is important to know exactly what you are buying because sometimes the use of several different pool covers is best for your pool and backyard. Check out the selection at a pool supply store and make sure you are using proper pool coverage.

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