Types of Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 04-21-2011 in Articles

Swimming pools are reservoirs of water that are used to store water, and bath and relax. They are present all over the world and can be built in a variety of size shape and design. Many sports also use in for various events. Swimming galas are common in colleges and schools to enjoy summers.Play is a small pool which is just five meters deep and is used for playing by the children and adults and also for the swimming laps. They are mostly constructed in homes for the families to play and relax. They are cost effective and easy to maintain and give you a good service. Diving are used mainly by the divers. These can be dangerous at times and can lead to serious accidents. Such are much deeper than the play almost double the depth. A diving board or platform is present at one side of the swimming pool. Freeform is another form of the pool that has built in rock features and is popular in different countries because of their natural style. Geometric pools usually have very straight lines or a consistent radius and are typically more traditional looking.. It can be more formal and upscale looking. Fitness centers house lap which are long narrow pools and that are used for exercise.Other types of the are negative edge pools, spools, and perimeter overflow pools. Negative edge pools are specially engineered designed which are built in such a way to have zero edges and appear limitless. Spools on the other hand can be maintained indoor in the small yards. The perimeter overflow pools are the one the one in which the water level is high and up to the surface of the pool.Another type of the classification is the public pools and the private pools. Private pools are constructed at personal apartments and hope for domestic purposes. Public pools are present in clubs and hotels. People come here to relax and enjoy, while others come here for fitness purposes. There are many public pools in United States.Pools can be divided into a large variety based on their construction. They are above ground, fiber glass lined, vinyl lined in ground pools, gunite pools and poured concrete pools. Above ground pools are the built without digging into the ground. They are the cheapest of all the pool types. Most of them are formed by the pre fabricated kits and can be fitted by the amateur. Moreover you always have the option to disassemble them and move your pool to the next location. These pools however do not look as attractive as the other in ground pools. In ground pools are constructed in the ground after digging. They are built at a proper location and often cost much more than the above ground pools. They are much more durable.

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