USB Flash Drives and Waterproof iPad Cases What You Need to Know for Your iPad  

by Pool Builders on 11-18-2011 in Articles

In todays world, noone seems to have enough of Apples gadgets, especially the iPad. You can see people walking around on the streets or in the malls while tinkering on their iPads. And sometimes, you get tempted to carry your iPad while in the most unsafe places for such devices beaches and swimming pools. When you are in a vacation, you simply cannot leave your iPad behind. You have to carry it with you to stay connected and to keep your files and apps by your side all the time. And it is for these situations that a waterproof iPad case comes in handy.

Luckily for adventurers and travellers, waterproof iPad cases were made, so you can go on a trip without worrying about getting your iPad wet. And there are several waterproof cases that you could choose from. Aquapac is a great waterproof case for your iPad. It has a tough seal to really keep the water out. One of the great things about Aquapac is that it floats in water. So in case you drop your iPad in the pool, you can easily retrieve it. Aquapac is big and flexible so it can also carry your important documents. Case Logic IPADW is another waterproof case you could use. Its transparent and water-resistant so you can use your iPad while keeping it protected.

When buying waterproof iPad cases, you should check that the product has been tested underwater. Dropping your iPad into the water is different from splashing water on it. If you want maximum protection against water, sand, and dust you have to make sure that the waterproof iPad case you buy has been tested underwater and has a tight lock. Also choose a case that does not inhibit the sensitivity of the iPads tactile screen.

Another thing that would come in handy during trips is a USB flash drive. USB flash drives are perfect for keeping all those much needed files with you and a good place to store your holiday photos and videos. And now, theres a flash drive for your iPad too. AirStash is pretty much like all other USB flash drives. You can use it to store and transfer files to and from your iPad and iPhone because AirStash is wireless. All you have to do is to connect your WiFi enabled device to AirStash and you can easily surf and stream your media files through your web browser.

And now, you can enjoy your iPad anytime, anywhere.

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