Understand Your Baby Is Not Going to Readily Accept Swimming Lessons Without At Least Some Initial Fear  

by Pool Builders on 10-28-2012 in Articles

It is perfectly normal for babies and young children to fear being in the water. We have all seen and heard the terrified faces and screams coming from children who did not feel safe in the water. One of the best swimming tips for babies is to begin taking them in the water with you as early as possible. A child who has been exposed to being in the water since he or she was only a few months of age is going to be less inclined to show fear than one who was first introduced at two years old.

Water Should Be Second Nature

If you want your baby to succeed then following a few simple swimming tips for babies will help you accomplish that. Again, your baby should have plenty of exposure to water with mum and dad. Water should not look like this big scary thing that can hurt him or her. Many children above the age of three do horribly when they are first introduced to water and this is because they have already reached the age of which fear has developed. For your baby to be comfortable in the water, you will have to find a pool available to frequent quite a bit with you child.

Hire a Swimming Instructor

Sometimes children are able to learn from a professional better than they can their own parents simply because a pro knows what to do. Swimming instructors know all the strategies to help baby feel safe. It may not be best if mum or dad are standing right there as the babyâEUR(TM)s natural reaction will be to cry and reach for them. It is often better to walk away and allow the instructor to do his or her job, with no interruptions from parents.

Participate in Group Baby Swimming Lessons

Some community swimming pools have programs designed for mothers of young babies to gather in a group and learn together. This is typically started at a very early age, when infants consider this more relaxing and fun than anything else. It is a good idea also to buy little floaties that fit around babyâEUR(TM)s arms so he or she can learn some independence in the water. However, get rid of these as soon as possible or your child may become too reliant on them. The best way is to have your child swim gradually small distances from you to your husband or wife, and this can be accomplished through praise.

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