Understand the Need of Pool Salt Cell for Pool Salt System  

by Pool Builders on 02-20-2012 in Articles

The need for pool salt cells for pools is apparent and the CompuPool salt cell is seen as a must as a chlorine generator as it have plenty of benefits and helps in making the pool maintenance easier. Owning a salt chlorinator implies one can turn it, walk away and forget about it. The salt pool systems need no monitoring or adjustment to work, as it does at optimal levels. These are some hints to optimize the salt chlorine generator and to understand the need of pool salt cell:

€ Retains water chemical balance- The salt chlorine generator installing does not indicate that it is totally maintenance free. The pool parameters need to be maintained and this is best done by testing weekly the pool water using a good chemical test kit. This helps in adjusting and retaining the water chemical balance the pH at 7.2 to 7.6 and the alkalinity at 80 to 120, while 30 to 60 is the cyanuric acid. This aid in monitoring the salt level and one can add if necessary as per instruction of the CompuPool Salt Cell display.

€ Reduce Chlorine Production- The winter months are when the water is very cold and pool is less used. This reduces the chlorine production to 50% and assists in maximizing the cell life.

€ Increase Chlorine Production- The chlorine Production levels needs to be increased so that everything is in order and is also used. The Compupool Salt Cell is ideal as the chlorinator keeps the chlorine supply in check and is very appropriate even in high summers when the swimmers stay for longer time than usual. The need for Pool Salt Cell increases and this is met by the chlorinator generators by enhancing the production levels of chlorine.

€ Superchlorinate- CompuPool Salt cell chlorinator allows producing more chlorine, if required. This mode is ideal after a big event or a party or also when there are signs of algae bloom or even if the pool gets cloudy. This is the time when the chlorinator comes in high use and it will come to normal mode within 24 hours. It is best to avoid swimming until the residual chlorine level test results show a normal reading ranging to 1 to 3 ppm.

€ Cyanuric Acid- Stabilizer- The chlorine sanitized pool helps in retaining proper pool level with the stabilizer. The stabilizer maintains proper chlorine residual level. The salt chlorinator automatically produces enough amount of chlorine as the acid keeping it in check as it is tested with this test kit of Cyanuric Acid. People suffering with least chlorine levels may have problem owing to the insufficient stabilizer.

CompuPool Salt chlorine generator is the best addition to any pool and ensures comfortable experience of swimming.

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