Understanding How Algae Grows in Your Pool and How to Avoid Them  

by Pool Builders on 01-01-2009 in Articles

Algae are normal species in our environment. They are plants like structures that grow in water. They are part of the marine life. However, they can also exist in soil, where light and moisture is present. There are different kinds of algae and most of our scientists have discovered 30,000 species of it to date. They have important role in our ecosystem. One they are good sources of oxygen. They are also source of nourishment and are important part of our food chain. For us human beings, they have been a great part of our cosmetics, drugs and diagnostics or experimentation.

As much as these little species play an important role in our lives, too much of them can be very annoying, most especially when they exist on our pools. Yes, too much of them in your backyard pool can destroy the beauty of the water. On top of that, it becomes a scary venue for swimming. On top of that, they are also the causes why your light blue colored waters can turn lagoon-like where in you cannot even see the bottom of the water. When it gets too thick, you can expect other living creatures to dwell on it, as it will be a perfect habitat. On top of that, your pool finishes will already loose its wonders.

The existence of algae on your pool is already an indicator that your water is out of balance. Remember that algae can be brought easily on the water because it may take form of a spore. Definitely, when the environment becomes favorable for their growth, they can start algal bloom with the help of sunlight. As pool owner, you should know how to avoid them. Here are some of the tips:

1. Check the ph of your water from time to time. You also need to have water analysis as scheduled.
2. Always ensure that you filtration system is working fine. If it has problems, improper filtration could possibly speed up the algal bloom. The influx of harmful residues from human lotions, dirt and dusts can cause changes in water chemistry. As a result, it may be favorable for their growth.
3. Do pool scrubbing as scheduled. Doing so, rubs off those algae sticking to your pool finishes even if they are its infancy. This prevents their proliferation or even slows down their growth.
4. When worse comes to worse, do acid washing. This is your perfect solution to remove those stubborn algae as result from not using your pools and having the water stagnate.
5. If you are eliminating the use of chlorine for sanitation, it is smart that you make use of algaecides.

Having algae around is not a bad thing. However, having them around, gives other species an invitation to share your pool with you. The presence of algae can also be a perfect environment for microorganisms like bacteria to grown on. Therefore, it is smart to do preventive measures to stop them from blooming in your gorgeous pools.

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