Understanding Pool Salt Chlorinators and Chlorine Generators  

by Pool Builders on 01-23-2012 in Articles

Pool salt chlorinators are also referred to as Salt Chlorinators and also as Saltwater Chlorinators that actually help miniaturized chlorine manufacturing plants. The devices come as inline plumbing and this electrolytically transforms the pool salt water into chlorine when it passes over titanium electrode plates. However, salt needs to be added even before the pool starts up, but periodically only very little needs to be added occasionally it merely needs replacing the loss that has occurred due to pump outs, splash out or backwashing. Hence it should be properly used, so that the chlorine sensation is less and the water analysis parameters need to be maintained.

Salt is of two elements chloride and sodium and the process is simple such that separating these elements is enough to release chloride into water and to get your pool sanitized. The process of sanitization tends to join the salt together and thus during this process no salt is lost. In this process, only electricity is consumed that the salt chlorinator separates. People are concerned regarding adding so much salt to their swimming pools. However, it is almost 15 times lesser to ocean even at normal levels. This keeps from stinging your eyes and does not taste salty.

You have to concentrate pH water balance so that the chlorine stabilizer is maintained in proper level to reduce your salt cell demand. A salt chlorine generator also does not make life simple, but certainly showers benefits:

€ Reduces Chloramines productions that turn eyes red and smell bad
€ Keeps constant the Chlorine levels
€ No handling, transporting or storing of dangerous chlorine chemicals
€ Facilitates to shock your pool with a button push

The best and ideal reason to support the usage of saltwater generator is mainly due to its environment friendly quality. The use of natural salt makes your pool safe and the use of salt chlorine systems are well known and are around 20 years. Pool salt chlorinators are available are now at affordable prices and now all major manufacturers have salt chlorine generators. In the recent few years, the Polaris, Pentair, Jandy and Hayward have release saltwater chlorine generators.

The salt systems are in commercial use for many years and now the technology is looking new ways to decrease operating expenses and is considering salt based sanitation to be the best and the salt pool systems that work in conjunction with filtration and pump system are known as chlorine generators.

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