Understanding Spa Pumps

by Pool Builders on 11-10-2010 in Articles

Swimming pool pumps are essential tools in maintaining pools. These pumps work along with the filter in maintaining a clean and well - sanitized pool. They take in water and pass it through the filter system to collect debris and dirt particles and then again pump the water back to the pool. They are available in various types, speed and power levels. To ensure that you are getting the right pump, you should consider the type of pool that you have.

There are specific types of pumps for the many different types of pools. There are pumps for in ground, above ground, and spas. When it comes to spas, there are pumps available for the same purpose and benefits. However, such pumps are designed to provide extra thrust for massaging and bubble jets in most spas. This is what makes a spa pump a little different from most pool pumps. It has its dual purpose in maintaining working with the filter to effective clean the entire pool while allowing additional thrust to the bubble jets.

A spa pump like most types also come in various power and speed levels. This is essential because the speed and power of pool pumps determines their efficiency in performing their task to your pools. The power of such pump is rated in horsepower. It can come in under one horsepower to up to three or more horsepower. Its speed levels run in one to two speeds. If you have a large sized spa then you will need to choose a spa pump with a 3 horsepower or more to provide excellent performance. Level two speed level will also be a good choice because it will be able to provide maximum yet gentle and soothing massaging performance for your spa.

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