Understanding Swimming Pool Algae

by Pool Builders on 02-16-2014 in Articles

Pool algae can relate to either bacterium or an aquatic plant. Black algae, yellow algae and green algae relate to plants, while a pink algae is associated with a build up of bacteria. If the presence of algae is noticed in the pool, this is a sign that proper pool maintenance isn't in place. A pool lacking in chlorine or having issues with the filtration or circulation system is certain to mean this condition can start to flourish.


Algae spores are easily attracted to the swimming pool. They can enter the pool on a swimsuit or blown in from rain or wind. However, a pool with a regular schedule of maintenance in place shouldn't have any problems in eliminating the spores. Aim to keep the water pH lever in the region of 7.2 to 7.6 to prevent the spores from building up. A perfect environment for the algae spores comes with the presence of nitrates and carbon dioxide, sunlight and warm conditions.


Algae spores aren't likely to cause a direct problem to the pool user's health, but they are known to cause indirect issues. A build up of pool algae starts to attack and feed on the chlorine; this prevents the chlorine powder or tablets acting to kill the bacteria in the water. Other issues with an outbreak of algae include clogging up the filtration system, which is certain to mean more regular replacement of the filter and more back washing. By preventing the onset of algae it is possible to save a lot of money and time required on maintaining the pool.


The best course of action to control this issue relates to putting in the time and effort to prevent it appearing in the first place. By maintaining the proper chlorine, pH levels and chemical balance it is possible to take a significant step to stopping the appearance of algae before it is able to take hold and become a real issue. Including an algaecide like potassium tetraborate or similar chemicals is certain to stop the development of algae and prevent it from feeding.

All in all, an algae-infested pool is certain to offer a range of issues to the pool system and the swimmers that use it on a regular basis. Also, the appearance of these spores is certain to leave the pool looking discolored and unappealing. With the right schedule of maintenance in place it is quite an easy process to stay on top of all issues related to having a clean and healthy pool.

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