Understanding The Different Choices For Inground Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 11-03-2011 in Articles

When people think of the rich and glamorous lifestyle, they can usually relate that with inground swimming pools, either out in the garden, or within the home. Owning your own inground pools is usually thought of to be a mark of success, a feature that shows off your wealth and luxury to the remainder of the vicinity. However, a luxury inground swimming pool doesn't simply need to be for the rich and famed. Almost everybody can afford to own a concrete swimming pool constructed in their back yard, and in fact that is only one of the numerous different varieties of pool that are offered to those who want to set up a swimming area on their property.

Firstly, you ought to think about the various makes of inground pools available. You might opt for to have vinyl pools, or even fiberglass pools, along with the concrete swimming pool. All of these pools will be built in the common back garden. Fiberglass is usually utilized by those who purchase a set shape for their pool, and simply line the border with sandbags to stay it all in place. This is the most basic sort of pool. Vinyl pools are generally more tricky to set up, since they require some installation of the vinyl sheeting, and these are sometimes laid by professionals which will be very expensive.

The other kind of pool, the concrete swimming pool, can be installed by nearly anyone who could dig a hole. Generally known as gunite inground pools, these are made from a mixed concrete base that is sprayed over the floor and walls of a swimming pool. It can be then left to dry before another layer is added. A final, plaster or paint coating can be added at the end to make the sides of the pool totally smooth.

This can be the ideal pool for those who need a particular form for their swimming pool and cannot get that shape in fiberglass. The concrete has adequate versatility that users will create any shape they like. Once the concrete has been poured over the walls, and then the plaster coating has set, the pool is completely watertight, and needs to liners or additional protection. It is also possible to use this type of pool with features such as waterfalls, modified steps to and from the water, and Jacuzzi jets that can be inserted before the plaster is poured over the floor. There are other details which can even make the concrete inground pool more fascinating and exotic than the fiberglass version.

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