Understanding the Design Process of a Quality In-Ground Pool

by Pool Builders on 03-07-2010 in Articles

An in-ground pool refers to the standard pool built by excavating of land such that the pool is built in a pit and the top of the pool is ideally at the same level as the rest of the ground. This is in contrast to an above the ground pool where by the whole pool stands above the ground and therefore, the base of an above ground pool is more or less at ground level.

In the recent years, the demand of pools, both in-ground and above the ground, has drastically gone up with the demand for pools having doubled in just the last three years. This has mainly been attributed to the drive for healthier living with swimming being a fun way of keeping fit. Swimming pools, also add the class and aesthetic beauty to a house and therefore increasing the market value of a property. An in-ground pool will on average increase the market value of a house by about eight percent. This among other minor factors has greatly increased the general interest of swimming pools in many home owners.

A swimming pool owner should be even more keen about the structural and functional quality of his swimming pool than the aesthetic beauty of the pool. This is because a poor quality pool will lead to high maintenance costs and the pool might not last for long. For best quality, top engineers advise that the pool's rudimentary structure skeleton be made of concrete with a shotcrete measure of 3500PSI, which is 500PSI above the more widely accepted standard. The concrete should then be lined with a fiberglass mesh.

The quality of the plumbing is also a very important part of a swimming pool. Since the plumbing is a permanent part of the pool, it is important that this is done with sufficient lee-way for future adjustments if need be. Though the more widely accepted measure is 2 inch suction lines with 2 inch/1.5 inch return lines, for better quality, it is advised that you use 2.5 inch lines, dedicated vacuum lines as well as split drains.

The right quality and proper installation of infloor and water sanitization systems will ensure ease in maintaining your pool. To ensure the best quality, it is advised that one should choose an infloor system with the total pool suction being at the main split drain since this is where the pool dirt collects. One should then ensure that the water sanitization system maintains the correct chlorine and PH levels.

The right swimming pool equipment is also a very integral part of the pool's quality. You should never compromise quality as far as equipment goes. You should ensure that the equipment is from a reliable brand with the best possible quality and automation. An energy effective and programmable pump for example will reduce your energy costs and at the same time allow for adjustments depending on your kind of water.

Finally, it's important to ensure that the right kind of finishing is done on your swimming pool. You should be keen to avoid cheap low quality pebble finishing. It is advised that you select a reliable brand for your pebble finishing and ensure that it has been installed correctly by experienced staff. This is because the interior finishing is the most expensive part of refurbishing a pool and you will therefore want to ensure durable finishing is done to reduce on your future costs.

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