Underwater Gyms Are a Healthier Alternative to Swim Spas  

by Pool Builders on 07-01-2012 in Articles

If you're bored of working out in a gym and are looking for other interesting ways to stay fit, then it's high time you tried a newer and improved fitness system offers you an improvised version of swim spas. Yes, a swim spa has been popular for several years because it helps in relaxation. But a new concept that's known as an aquatic fitness system merges the best of water spas and a regular gym. In short, it's a full-fledged underwater gym. It not only allows you to swim as much as you want, but you can use it for walking, stretching, rowing, strength training and much more.

This particular fitness system is the result of years of research that has proven that water-based exercises are great for both your body and mind. Some people find gymming too strenuous and technical. Others don't really appreciate working out with several other people sharing their space. No matter which category you fall under, this water-based fitness system is a real boon to water babies and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Here's what makes this fitness system a great investment in a healthy body, mind and soul:

  • It combines all the benefits of hydrotherapy and underwater spa fitness. You can freely swim in different styles such as the butterfly stroke, the breast stroke, back stroke or free-style.
  • You'll be at ease while performing regular work-out routines such as walking, stretching, rowing, or strength training.
  • It's a great investment for the entire family. Kids can simply splash around and have a whale of a time, while the adults can focus on more serious exercises such as rowing and strength training.
  • Apart from being the quintessential fitness tool, this system is also great for relaxation. After a hard day at work, you can hope to come back and laze around on the hydrotherapy seat to forget all your worries and get charged up for the next day.
  • The installation options are flexible. You could get it installed as an in-ground swimming pool or an above-ground portable hot tub. And if you already have a larger swimming pool, you can install this pool in a corner as your very own underwater gym.
  • There are certain companies in the market today that have created aquatic fitness systems that can be left uncovered in the sunshine for an extended period without causing damage to the system. This particular liberty cannot be taken with other regular swim spas.

So, if you're looking for a brand new way of getting that enviable body, it's the right to look beyond regular swim spas and gyms. This new holistic underwater fitness system will add a whole new dimension to your pursuit for a healthier body and tranquil mind.

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