Unicel C-8417 Pool Filter Cartridges-An Efficient and Reliable Replacement for Your Filter  

by Pool Builders on 09-26-2013 in Articles

A sparkling clean and hygienic pool water can be seem to be inviting especially when you are back home after a tiring long day. In fact, nothing could refresh you better than the cool water of your pool. However, you have to be very particular about the regular upkeep and maintenance of your pool. Installing superior quality instruments such as cartridge pool filter can ensure pool water that is clean, clear and sanitized.

The most important component of pool filter is its filtering element i.e. the cartridge in a cartridge filter. Though, there is provision of replacement when the cartridge gets worn out and fails to function efficiently to filter pool water, replacing cartridges for your pool filters could prove to be an expensive option. So, it would be prudent to maintain it properly to make it last longer.

As compared to generic models, cartridge pool filters of leading brands offer optimum level of performance. However, after a certain period of time even the best of filter shows decline in its level of performance. This happens because the cartridge filtering element which is responsible for filtering out contaminants from pool water begins to show signs of rupture.

This calls for replacement of the filtering element. Though, the cartridge of a filter is expensive, the availability of compatible filters has made replacement simple, affordable and cost-effective option. In fact, compatible filters offer performance at par or at times even better than their original counterparts.

One of the finest compatible cartridge filters available is Unicel c-8417 that features 4 inch open holes both at the top as well as bottom. It is made of the finest quality materials to meet or exceed OEM filters. The numerous pleats are made up of heavy-duty polyester that ensures higher longevity than cheaper alternatives. This compatible replacement offers best fit for Hayward C-1750, Hayward CX1750-RE, Sta-Rite 25230-0175S, Waterway Plastics 817-0175P etc.

With replacement cartridges available in different configurations and built to OEM specifications, you're sure to get a reliable replacement for your filter. You can use Unicel c-8417 to replace your worn out cartridge or use it as a back-up to make the most of the time between filter changes. Easy to install, these Replacement Filter deliver OEM quality performance at highly affordable prices.
In order to ensure that your swimming pool is clean and healthy, a well maintained cartridge filter is a must. However, to ensure that your pool receives clean and hygienic pool water all year long, you can use replacement filters as back-up to your worn out original ones. In fact, these filters are a cost-effective option to original filters.

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