Unicel C-9415 Replacement Filter Cartridge for Clean and Sparkling Pool Water  

by Pool Builders on 11-12-2013 in Articles

Maintaining sparkling clean and clear pool water requires installing high quality tools and equipment's. One of the most essential pool maintenance equipment involves the pool filter as it is responsible for removing all sorts of dirt, debris, oil and other contaminants from your pool/ spa water. Over the years cartridge pool filters have become the preferred choice of pool owners due to their advanced technology, which has allowed them to overcome the drawbacks of traditional filters.

Keeping in view the significance of these pool filters, it becomes extremely important to maintain them. Maintaining the filters include regular cleaning of the filtering element to ensure better filter performance as well as its longevity. Howsoever, well you maintain your filter, over a period of time; your filter becomes less effective and would require replacement. The filtering element of a cartridge filter could be replaced with a compatible filter cartridge. One such compatible filtering element is the Unicel C-9415 Replacement filter cartridge.

Made with spun bonded, 100% polyester material, this Unicel replaceable filter is durable and effective in capturing the smallest of debris. This 31 1/8 inch long and 10 1/16 inch wide filter cartridge has 6 inch open holes both at top as well as bottom. It is the best fit filter cartridge for American Products, Pentair Pool Products Predator, Clean & Clear, Pentair Pool Products-Pac Fab Re, Pentair Pool Products-American P can capable of handling top load of 150 sq ft. It gives you complete protection from sand, dust and worms in you pools and spas. Very easy to install this filter cartridge is made of superior quality of materials.

This replacement cartridge is built to OEM specifications, thereby ensuring that you get a reliable cartridge that fits your filter perfectly. Users can use this replacement filter to replace their worn or damaged cartridge or as a back up to make the most of the time utilized between filter changes. Easy to install, C-9415 Unicel Replacement Filter delivers performance at par with the original ones and at times better than the original ones that too at highly affordable prices.

The end caps for this replacement Pool and Spa cartridges are made from a durable polyurethane material. Besides this the centre cores of these cartridges are comprised of punched PVC pipe for consistent flow. The sharp pleat folds and the thermally bonded end caps offer long life and durability.

So, if you too are thinking of replacing your old worn-out cartridge filter, you can check out Unicel C-9415 model to see if it fits in your filter model.

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