Unicel Filter Cartridges for Performance, Affordability and Durability  

by Pool Builders on 10-22-2013 in Articles

Sparkling clean, clear and sanitized pool water is every pool owners dream. However, this could be achieved only if regular pool upkeep and maintenance is maintained. Using high quality pool maintenance equipment such as cartridge filters can take the filtering quality a long way ahead. Although, cartridge filters offer optimum level of performance as compared to their traditional counterparts, they would require replacement after a certain period of time.

Minerals, rust, oil and grime build up in swimming pool filters over a period of time and are not completely removed by simple washing or rinsing thereby causing filtration quality to decline. It is thus advisable to keep an extra set of pool filter cartridges on hand to reduce down-time and clean when time permits.

Changing the filters in time would prevent the occurrence of high number of health hassles besides improving the quality and feel of the water. Moreover, continuing with worn out filter could put undue pressure on the pump as dirt can enter into the pump through the cracks and clog it. While replacing a filter with the new one would costs considerably less, replacing the damaged pump with a new one can make you go nuts.

Being the nation's leading manufacturer of swimming pool filter replacement cartridges, Unicel allows users to find exact replacement cartridge you are looking for. Known for their versatility filter cartridges of this brand are a perfect alternative for users looking for performance, durability, affordability all in one filter.

As a matter of fact, generic filter models require knowing exact measurements of their cartridge filtering element for making a replacement. However, Unicel filters have a standard series number that can help you to replace your filter cartridge easily. In fact, with a Unicel filter in place you witness significant difference in the pool water quality.

What makes Unicel filters most preferable is the presence of unique synthetic filter fibre media specifically engineered for pool and spa market. This feature maximizes dirt holding capacity, resists chemicals and promotes superior cleaning ability.
Reemay brand media that Unicel uses is the first adopted in pool industry 30 years ago and has become a standard these days. Besides this the sharp uniform pleat folds maximizes flow, minimizes pressure, increase spacing between pleats, and allow full use pleat surface.

End cap is designed as per OEM specifications, and is made up of durable chemical resistant compound. Core is backbone of quality filtering element and ensures structural integrity of the system. The pleat support bands offers proper spacing between pleats that reduce pleat flutter, and enhances optimal filtration efficiency. In short, Unicel offers highest quality cartridge for clean water environment.

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