Unicel Pool Filters: Better Solution for Pool Cleaning  

by Pool Builders on 06-19-2011 in Articles

Your swimming pool's cleanliness and hygiene is at your hand. If you cannot maintain the swimming pool then keeping it for commercial or personal purpose would give no result. When you plan to open any swimming club or you keep one swimming pool on your terrace or at your backyard, then keeping it clean becomes your responsibility.

Swimming pool needs to be maintained thoroughly with the help of different pool filters. Pool filters are found in different varieties and they are available according to the requirement of the pool's condition.

It is not only applicable for swimming pools but also any kind of product that contains water like hot tub, Jacuzzi etc. They need to be cleared with the help of filters. To get proper filtering experience, it is better to go for such filters, which can take care of overall health, hygiene and quality of the water. In this regards, Unicel pool filters can go long way to keep any kind of tub, Jacuzzi and pool water free from impurities. Every such filter has stipulated time period for maintenance according to which it should be changed. As per the time period set by manufacturer, this filter should not be crossed in order to restore the health of the user. These filters also enhance the smell, quality and feel of the Jacuzzi and pool water.

Unicel filter can easily be changed and this brand name offers excellent range of cartridges solving the need of the user. After using this product, user can see huge amount of changes in the quality of the water. Cleaning the cartridges become very important as they ensure the life span of the filter.

Hayward swimming pool filters can make the changes in performance of the filters. This brand name comes with three different categories of pool filters and they are:

Sand filters: Sieve of this kind of this product can filter dirt from 20 to 40 microns. This filter should be cleaned with the manual effort and this cleaning process should be done once in a week.

DE filters or Diatomaceous Earth filters: Sieve of this filter can remove impurities from 2 to 5 microns. Here sieves of this product are made from fossilized exoskeletons of minute diatoms.

Pool filter cartridges: Sieves of hayward swimming pool filters can remove dirt from 10 to 15 microns from the swimming pool. Surface of this type of filter is quite wider. This kind of filter needs low maintenance. You can clean it once in a season.

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