Upgrades That Add Value to Your Home, and Those That Don't  

by Pool Builders on 12-12-2009 in Articles

Many times we hear that you can add value to your home by upgrading and making certain home improvements. That is true for many improvements that are made, but not for all of them. Here is a good idea of what improvements will add value and which ones won't. If you are making an improvement because you want to improve your quality of life and don't care whether it increases your home's value, then you have to ask yourself if the improvement you are making is going to be worth it to you.

Your home in Calgary will likely improve in value if you upgrade or add the following:

Kitchen - You can't go wrong making upgrades to the kitchen. People spend a lot of time in this room and it helps for it to be laid out right, with enough space and the right appliances and counter tops.

Bathroom - Adding a bathroom usually adds value. Look at your bedroom to bathroom ratio and if you have an equal number of each, you shouldn't add any more because it won't really add value. If you can add another bathroom and not go over the number of bedrooms you have, then you are sure to add value to your home with this addition.

Square Footage - Adding a room on to your existing home will add square footage and will increase the value. Living space and the amount of square footage often determines the base price of a home. Try to stay within the square footage range of homes in your neighborhood. If your square footage goes too high, the surrounding home values will still keep the price down lower no matter how much additional space you add.

On the other hand, the following will not always add value to your home:

Swimming Pool - The thought of having your own pool is great! Who wouldn't want to have pool parties in the summer and be able to enjoy a swim without having to go to a pool shared with others? Often times pools can be seen as a liability because of the maintenance and home owners insurance costs associated with them.

Ceramic Tile - Yes we all prefer ceramic tile in the bathroom or kitchen to vinyl or linoleum, but it isn't likely to add a lot of value. So do it if you want the look, but don't do it if you are simply trying to increase the value.

You can always talk to your Calgary Realtor if you are thinking of making a home improvement. They will help you decide what will add value to your home and what will add to the comfort, but not the value.

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