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by Pool Builders on 11-01-2011 in Articles

Swimming is one of the most enjoyable and healthy outdoor exercises. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that the pools are properly maintained, particularly in cleanliness and hygiene related factors. Regular cleaning of the pools ensures that no residue and other unhygienic material is collected in the same to give you a healthy and refreshing experience every time you want to spend some time in your pool. For the purpose of cleaning the pools in homes or offices or hotels, pool filters must be used. Pentair Pool Filters are one of the best companies which make this product.

There are three main types of pool filters that are available in the market. Each serves a different function which is unique to its purpose. One of the most efficient types of filters is diatomaceous earth filters, and is also known as DE filters. Dust and other such particles which might be really small (about three to five microns) can be removed easily from the pool with the use of these filters. They are the most effective as they are capable of removing even the smallest grains and impure particles and thus, are even the most costly. Their maintenance is very costly as well.

The second type of pool filters is the one in which sand is used as the main element. Its working is on the basis that when the water goes through the filter, the dirt and other impurities remain behind with the sand. It is a much simpler process than the earlier one and it is much more cost efficient as well. Further, the maintenance is much easy too as the sand needs replacement every five years. Another type of filter is the cartridge pool filter, in which the dirt is collected in the cartridge cylinder which can be removed after every some time.

Hayward pool filters is another leading variety of these pool filters and makes all the above three types of pool filters. It is absolutely essential that the swimming pools are cleaned from time to time and these filters help so that the bacteria and algae formations, along with other impurities, do not stay there. They use heavy duty motors which make sure that the performance is of amazing quality. Further, they have various models of both in ground and above ground filters which one can choose according to the pools they want to install them in.

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