Use Pentair Pool Products to Avoid Disasters

by Pool Builders on 07-11-2010 in Articles

People usually do not realize how important it is choose the right swimming pool appliances and accessories until disaster strikes. Even Zac Efron's Los Angeles mansion was flooded when his swimming pool overflowed. If you use Pentair pool products, you are unlikely to suffer such catastrophes. The company has a wide range of cleaners, filters, heaters & heat pumps, ladders & rails, lighting accessories, maintenance & safety equipment, white goods, pumps, safety vacuum release systems (SVRS), and valves.

One of the most important components of your pool equipment is the pump. It ensures that the water properly circulates so that you do not end up swimming in stale water.

One of the advantages of using pumps by Pentair is that their pumps can be used for a very long time because high quality raw materials are used to manufacture them. Another major advantage is that their pumps also consume less electricity. You will be surprised to learn that the variable speed models run on up to 30% less electricity than the ones made by other companies. Remember to purchase your pump after consulting professionals because certain models are compatible with certain types of pools.

While procuring cleaning equipment too you should choose from Pentair pool products. Three types of cleaners are manufactured by this company: robotic, suction-side, and pressure side cleaners.

Pressure-side cleaners are attached to the circulation system. These cleaners use water pressure to collect the debris and dirt in a bag. You may opt for a model with a built-in hydraulic power plant.

Suction-side cleaners supposed to be attached to a suction port of the pool. In some cases, a vacuum port is set up to operate the cleaner. The filter pump creates suction and the dirt is collected by the cleaner vacuum. The garbage is emptied through a hose pipe.

Robotic cleaners are preferred by many because they require low-voltage electricity. Moreover, the fact that they have their own filters also ensures that the main filtration system is not affected. Apart from increasing the life of the filter and the pump, this also decreases the need for frequent filter cleanings. However, the best thing about these cleaners is that you just have to plug it in, put it in the water, and everything else is done by the machine.

You may purchase Pentair pool products through online stores because they sometimes offer good discounts.

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