Use Pool Exercises to Lose Weight, Tone the Body  

by Pool Builders on 04-19-2011 in Articles

When spring approaches, many people think about pulling out their bathing suits or perhaps buying new ones for the upcoming season. Some people may discover that they have put on a few pounds over the winter and are looking for a relatively quick and easy way to lose weight. For pool owners, the answer lies in the back yard. If it is still a little chilly outside, use pool heaters in NY, CT and other northern states to keep the water a nice, comfortable temperature for workouts.

The backyard pool's owner has an advantage over those using a community pool or one at the local fitness center, since they do not have to conform to regular operating hours or rely on someone else to open the pool. Make sure all chemicals are properly added and adjusted before beginning a daily routine. Once it is open for the season, the owner can use it to lose weight and tone muscles. Those with backyard pools also don't have to travel anywhere or worry about too many people swimming in the water while they are trying to work out.

The best results in physical fitness and weight loss come when the individual puts themselves on a daily schedule and uses the pool for a refreshing and effective way to lose weight. Water has more resistance, which makes it easier to burn calories and shed unwanted pounds.

Treading Water
Treading water is one of the easiest ways to burn off calories in the pool. When done vigorously in deep water, it uses about 10 calories per minute. It should be done for a few minutes at a time, without letting the swimmer get too tired. Gradually adding a minute every day will build up endurance and further tone the body.

Aerobic Exercise
Low impact water aerobics is another way to get back in shape. This is especially helpful for people with joint or muscle restrictions who cannot effectively go jogging or running on land. Spend 30 minutes per day in the pool working out. Not only is it a good way to tone up and lose weight, but it is a heart healthy way to exercise. Invest in a water aerobics video to play on the outdoor TV or follow a few exercise regimens by themselves.

Water Resistance
Starting slow my walking and eventually jogging will help to tone muscles, especially in the legs. Use of water weights on the wrists and ankles while walking in the pool will enhance the workout. These weights are made of buoyant materials that focus on water resistance and are surprisingly light out of the water.

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